Electronic Drum buyer’s guide

Electronic drum kits have improved hugely over the last few years and many want to take advantage of the convenience and the practicality, especially those who worry about their neighbours!

Havn’t thought about aspects such as frame robustness or sound quality? These are important! We’ve decided to make choosing the right drum kit easier by doing a comparison of four of the electronic drum kits we have on display in our store with a side-by-side feature quality comparison for the elements we believe are important.

All our electronic drums come with a free lesson (worth £25) and 6 month’s video shop support including callout if required within the Glasgow area.

Carlsbro CSD100Alesis Nitro MeshCarlsbro CSD400Alesis Command Mesh
Drumkit sizeSmallMediumLargeLarge
Mesh head tomsΧ
Play along with phone/tablet
Music exam compatible Χ
Chrome frame Χ Χ Χ
Frame robustness5/103/1010/108/10
Sound quality of instruments 7/107/107/1010/10
Variety of percussion sounds3/106/106/1010/10
Cymbal choke Χ
Cymbal tone changes with
strike velocity
Real kick pedal Χ
Double pedal supported Χ Χ
Tom/snare response5/10 7/108/109/10
Snare size7″ 8″ 10″ 10″
Module build quality5/10 8/107/10 10/10
Module ease of use9/10 4/107/10 8/10
Module functionality2/10 8/106/10 10/10
Extra tom/cymbal extensible Χ
Load your own samples Χ Χ Χ
Number of play-along tunes10 6020 60
Relevance of play-along tunes6/104/109/109/10

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