20” Remo Pinstripe Coated Bass Drum Head

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The Remo Pinstripe Coated 20” Bass Drum Head is from Remo’s Pinstripe series, well known for being one of the most popular drum heads ever. The Remo Pinstripe features two plies of 7-mil Coated film, offering mid-range tones with a focused low-end and increased durability. The Pinstripe Coated Bass Drum Head has an overtone reducing agent applied between the two plies providing overtone control with an increased attack and increased durability. The increased durability and attack makes the Remo Pinstripe Coated Bass Drum Head ideal for pop, rock and grunge styles and genres.


  • High-Quality 20” Coated Design
  • Dual Ply, 7-mil Film Construction
  • Overtone Reducing Agent Applied Between the Two Plies
  • Reducing Agent Reduces Overtones, Increases Attack & Durability
  • Ideal for Pop, Rock & Grunge
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