Mapex Saturn V Exotic Shell Pack, Natural Maple Burl (Refurbished)

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The kick drum’s 20” depth provides it with booming, resonant bass frequencies, contrasting with the strong attack and short sustain of the fast 10″ x 7″ and 12″ x 8″ rack toms. The 16×14 floor tom offers plenty of focused and aggressive low-end depth to compliment the powerful bass drum, making this the ideal kit for those looking for a big and bold sound. Coming in the gorgeous exotic Natural Maple Burl finish, this kit looks every bit as impressive as it sounds.

  • 22” x 20” Bass Drum Undrilled
  • 10” x 7” Tom
  • 12” x 8” Tom
  • 16” x 14” Floor Tom
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The Mapex Saturn series of drum kits are designed to make their presence felt with thumping bass drums, resonant floor toms and sharp floating toms. The Saturn series is based from a hybrid shell design that perfectly balances maple and walnut to give a clear and balanced sound.

NOTE: This is a pre-owned drum kit in fabulous condition.  There are no marks on the shells at all – they are all in perfect condition as can be seen from the photos.  The heads have barely been played.  There is a slight mark on the kick drum head  (pedal side)  and a drum patch has been placed on the head as can be seen from the photos.  Otherwise immaculate condition.

We suggest Googling the reviews on this kit – it is a fabulous drum kit and a great price here.

Great both live and in the studio, the Saturn series is responsive and dynamic, offering players the versatility to play in a variety of styles and situations. With the new mounting system, performers can get the kit set up in just the way they want in close or open configurations and can quickly change and alter their setup quickly and effectively. With attention to detail the kit is finished with high quality Remo heads and a number of design features.

Included In This Kit

  • 22″ x 18″ Bass Drum
  • 14″ x 14″ Floor Tom
  • 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom
  • 12″ x 9″ Mounted Tom
  • 10″ x 8″ Mounted Tom

Please note: no hardware included except for the tom mounts which attach to the cymbal stands.

Here’s what Mapex say about this Saturn 5 Kit

The Mapex Saturn V drum kits come in a variety of configurations and finishes you can choose from and they feature the very well-known SONIClear Bearing Edge Technology which provides a stronger fundamental pitch and also allows the drum head to sit flush which makes the tuning a lot easier and also the shell resonance and the optimal tonal clarity are fairly increased. Whether in the studio or on the stage, this 2 up and 2 down shell pack has a big and rounded sound with great versatility. With standard drum depths, the unique Maple and Walnut shell composition coupled with the SONIClear™ bearing edge results in clear and focused rack toms, fat and dense floor toms, and bass drums with a balance of punch and boom.


  • Maple/ Walnut Hybrid Shell
  • 7ply 7.5mm Bass Drum Shells 7ply 6.15mm Tom & Snare Shells
  • SONIClear(TM) Tom Suspension
  • Cherry Mist Rosewood Burl
  • Chrome Hardware
  • SONIClear(TM) Floor Tom Feet
  • Low-Contact Bass Drum Claws
  • Memory-Mark Bass Drum Spurs
  • SONIClear™ Bearing Edge
  • 2.3mm Power Hoops