Yamaha Recording Custom 1985 Drum Kit in Jet Black

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This rarely available black classic 1985 Yamaha Recording Custom shell pack has drum sizes 10 x 9″, 12 x 10″, 14 x 12″ and 20 x 15″.  The toms are in very good condition with just a few small blemishes.  The kick drum shell has a few small marks which have been touched up with varnish so are only visible on close inspection.  The chrome is in almost perfect condition.  The bottom heads are original.  The top heads are Remo Pinstripe clear and have marks but are perfectly playable.  The Yamaha branded  resonant head has two small indents which are noticeable close up. Overall the kit is in very good condition.  The snare stand from the picture is not included.  A Yamaha tom attachment is available as an alternative.

This Yamaha kit has been tuned and has a terrific warm sound.

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