Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 20” 5pc Shell Pack, Raven Black

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New and improved! The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drum kit modernises the features of the classic predecessor kit. The Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece shell back features a 6-ply structure and is made from 100 percent birch; producing loud, resonating tones. The Stage Custom Kit has the Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS) which is designed to create minimum contact between hardware and shells without interfering with the sound of the kit and the resonance of the shells.

The Stage Custom drum kit also comes with Remo drum heads. Renowned for their quality and amazing sounds, you can count on these to supply your performance with a high-quality beat. To complete the Stage Custom Birch Kit, it is completed with a sleek Raven Black finish.

Please note: Hardware and cymbals not included.


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The Stage Custom drums are made from 100 birch, which allows drum tones to resonate. With its 6-ply structure, the Stage Custom drums produce loud and cutting tones, with a great low-end punch as soon as the surface has impact.

Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS)

Minimal contact, zero interference! The YESS system reduces acoustic dampening, so the sustain and the volume can be heard in full detail, just as nature intended. Not only does it allow your drums to vibrate freely, the nylon bushings and rod clamps provide maximum stability to your drums. You can position your toms close together or further apart- the YESS system keeps the sound full and the drums secure, even under the heaviest of strokes.

Robust hardware – securing drums with no unwanted noise

The Yamaha ball mount and clamp is a chrome ball and socket design that allows you to adjust the position if your drums and is part of the Yamaha YESS System. The die cast claw hooks help to reduce any extra unwanted noise. The Bass Drum leg with stopper easily helps the bass stay secure and in place, even on the heaviest of hits.

Complete with Remo drum heads

The Stage Custom drum kit comes with Remo drum heads. Renowned for their quality and amazing sounds, you can count on these to supply your performance with a high quality beat.


  • Bass Drum: 20” x 17”
  • Floor Tom: 14” x 13”
  • Tom 1: 12” x 8”
  • Tom 2: 10” x 7”
  • Snare Drum: 14” x 5.5”


  • Hoop:
    • Model: Triple Flange Hoop
    • Material: Steel
    • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Lug Type: Separate
  • Shell Material: Birch
  • Drum Heads:
    • Top: Remo UT Clear
    • Bottom: Remo UT Clear
    • Front: Remo UT Ebony P3
    • Batter: Remo UT Clear P3

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