About Us

The Drum Shop Glasgow, Scotland’s original drum store, was established in 1970. 

Since 1970 the Drum Shop has a huge collection of percussion instruments which it hires to all of Scotland’s performing groups, amateur ensembles, schools, and other individuals.

Our staff and team are dedicated to all things drums and percussion providing the complete service to our customers throughout Scotland and beyond. Speak to one of our experts who will give advice for a new kit, replacement parts, orchestral instrument hire, band equipment, vintage, latin, Celtic, African, instruments for schools and much more.

We have a well-stocked shop selling a multitude of drums, tuned percussion instruments, auxiliary percussion instruments, drum kits, pipe band drums, and accessories.

The Repair Workshop has always been an important face of the business. We lap calf heads, tune keyboard instruments, recover drums and build and engineer stands (amongst many other things).

New Management

In 2018 Philip Woodrow and Ian Munro bought the business and whilst remaining true to the original purpose of the store are trying to expand by carrying on the Drum Shop traditions but also having a teaching practice where anyone of any age can learn any of the percussion instruments.