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Terms and Conditions of Instrument Hire

  1. General
    1.1. This document describes the terms and conditions under which all hires, delivery and collection of percussion instruments and accessories from Drum Shop Glasgow are made.
  2. Contract
    2.1. The hirer may place their hire order by e-mail, telephone, mail or in person.
    2.2. Drum Shop Glasgow shall provide the hirer a quotation confirming the availability of the instruments and accessories they request. The quote will state costs including preparation time, delivery, any other appropriate charges and VAT.
    2.3. The hire is only booked when the hirer accepts the quotation provided by Drum Shop Glasgow.
    2.4. The hire contract is deemed to have started when the instruments is collected by the hirer, a representative of the hirer or when delivered to the venue by Drum Shop Glasgow.
    2.5. The hire contract is deemed to have been completed when the instruments is returned by the hirer, an individual (or individuals) acting on behalf of the hirer, or is collected from the venue by Drum Shop Glasgow and found to have been returned in its original condition.
    2.6. In case where quotations for the same instruments are issued by Drum Shop Glasgow to different hirers for periods which overlap, the hirer who first confirms the quotation and booking will receive those instruments. Drum Shop Glasgow will make all reasonable efforts to find a suitable alternative for the unsuccessful hirer.
  3. Charges
    3.1. The actual or quoted hire charges are for the duration of the contract. Additional charges may be incurred by the hirer should circumstances of the hire change during the hire period.
    3.2. Transport charges are in addition to hire charges and these will be shown separately in both the quote and final invoice. Transport charges will remain as stated or quoted except when circumstances change from the original arrangements. Drum Shop Glasgow reserves the right to charge additional fees for reasons such as alterations to the original delivery/collection times, waiting time at venues, parking
    tickets etc. Drum Shop Glasgow is not responsible for the late delivery or collection of instruments due to circumstances beyond our control with all quotes/invoices unaffected by these circumstances.
    3.3. The hirer will pay all monies outstanding, including VAT, by bank transfer within 15 days of any invoice being issued. Cheques are not accepted.
    3.4. For cases of late or non-payment, the hirer will be liable for any legal charges incurred by Drum Shop Glasgow in the recovery of outstanding monies, instruments and/or goods.
    3.5. Drum Shop Glasgow reserves the right to ask for monies to be paid upfront prior to the start of the contract.
    3.6. Drum Shop Glasgow will treat any instruments unreturned or unavailable for collection after a seven day period after this contract has elapsed as reasonable notice and will therefore treat any such missing instruments as lost and will issue a penalty charge to the hirer equal to the current replacement value plus a reasonable administrative fee for time spent.
  4. Order Cancellation
    4.1. You will not be entitled to cancel the contract once the Instruments has been uplifted or delivered.
    4.2. If the hirer cancels the contract more than four days before the start of the contract, any monies paid in advance will be refunded.
    4.3. If the hirer cancels the contract within 4 days from the start of the hire, a cancellation fee will be payable charged at the following rates. In addition, the full cost of delivery, restocking and any other charges which Drum Shop Glasgow has incurred will be paid in full by the hirer:
    From 48 to 92 hours before the start of the hire – 50% of the hire charge
    From 0 to 48 hours before the start of the hire – 100% of the hire charge
  5. Hirer’s Responsibilities
    5.1. Where possible, the hirer will acknowledge receipt of the instruments upon arrival at the appropriate venue. Instruments enquiries, faults, or missing items should be reported to Drum Shop Glasgow as soon as possible and if out of hours by using the out of hours phone number we will provide you. When collecting instruments from Drum Shop Glasgow a signature acknowledging receipt of instruments and instruments will be required. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check the instruments against the paperwork. Any missing items are the hirer’s responsibility and Drum Shop Glasgow will not be liable for any additional charges incurred forwarding goods.
    5.2. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the hire instruments and accessories until its collection by or is returned to Drum Shop Glasgow. The hirer will not to sell or relinquish possession, alter, repair or modify in any way the instruments or instruments on hire to them. Instruments transported in the hirer’s vehicle or an organisational vehicle, is at the hirer’s risk and the hirer will be responsible for the insurance and security. The hirer agrees not to leave instruments unattended in any vehicle. Any vehicule used by the hirer for vehicle transport must be clean inside and free of any material which may damage the instruments. All hire instruments must have footbrakes on, if available, and must be secured to minimise movement inside the vehicle. If in doubt, please check with a member of the Drum Shop Glasgow staff.
    5.3. The hirer is responsible for the safe and correct use of instruments while on hire to them. The hirer will immediately notify Drum Shop Glasgow of any breakages, faults, defects or damage to any of the instruments as soon as it is recognised by the hirer and if this discovery is made after the store’s closing time, the hirer must inform Drum Shop Glasgow by contacting the out of hours number provided. The hirer accepts responsibility for any damage to instruments inflicted whilst using the instruments whether the hirer is responsible for the loss or damage by themselves or by a third party and will reimburse Drum Shop Glasgow for any fees associated with replacing or fixing the hire instruments.
    5.4. The hirer will insure the instruments on full current replacement basis against the risks of loss, damage and theft and shall pay Drum Shop Glasgow rights under the contract. Replacement instruments purchased with insurance company proceeds will belong to Drum Shop Glasgow.
    5.5. The hirer agrees that whilst Drum Shop Glasgow will accept verbal hire orders, written orders are always preferable and without written confirmation from the hirer Drum Shop Glasgow cannot be held responsible for any instruments shortfalls, missing items or incorrect venue or timing details.
  6. Drum Shop Glasgow Responsibilities
    6.1. Drum Shop Glasgow will check all instruments (including electrical) prior to the start of the contract. All instruments will leave Drum Shop Glasgow having been tested and inspected to adhere to the usage requirements. If instruments needs to be removed from the hirer due to faults arising from the acceptable use of such instruments, Drum Shop Glasgow will endeavour to substitute items of similar specification.
    6.2. Following the hirer’s request, Drum Shop Glasgow will endeavour to deliver any instruments prior to the requested time or collect instruments during the next business day wherever possible, unless by prior arrangement. Drum Shop Glasgow will endeavour to adhere to the original timings made at the time of order. Drum
    Shop Glasgow are not responsible for late deliveries or collections due to unseen circumstances.
  7. Liability
    7.1. The liability of Drum Shop Glasgow for claims made by the hirer does not extend to any financial loss caused by late or non-delivery of instruments and/or goods, breakdown, stoppage or lawful repossession and in all cases Drum Shop Glasgow’s liability to you shall be limited to the sum equal to the amount paid by you for the Instruments hired. The hirer agrees to indemnify Drum Shop Glasgow at all times in respect of all claims by any person in relation to any injury, loss, claim or expense arising out of or in connection with the use of the instruments hired.