Sabian AAX 21″ Medium Ride

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The Sabian AAX 21″ Medium Ride Cymbal is a medium-weight ride with a defined, focused sound and a powerful wash, qualities that make it a very versatile cymbal. It produces a clean, controlled bell tone with a dark, rich character which sound amazing when used to ride a groove, but it can also double up as a good heavy crash –  its medium weight and brilliant finish serve up a loud musical wash with plenty of body and a crisp, short sustain.

Hand-tuned and Artisan-crafted, the AAX Medium Ride has a dark and dry fundamental timbre thanks in part to its large hammered peen surface, a feature exclusive to the AAX series. This is a very expressive cymbal with rich tones that react to every subtle nuance, helping it to shine under the scrutiny of close-miked recordings.

This is a well-balanced cymbal with a great level of tonal control. Thanks to its small-sized bell and brilliant finish, the AAX Medium Ride possesses a clean, rapid attack and a pure tone. The AAX Medium Ride is an extremely versatile cymbal that will perform as a multi-use cymbal and shine both on stage or in the studio.


  • 21″ ride from the redesigned AAX line
  • Medium weight
  • Balanced mix of speed, pitch, and projection
  • Small bell — for a purer pitch
  • Ideal for recording and gigging
  • Larger-peen hammering
  • Dark and complex sound
  • Artisan-crafted from B20 bronze
  • Brilliant Finish