Aquarian Texture Coated 14” Drum Head

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The Aquarian Texture Coated 14” Drum Head is a high-quality drum head from Aquarian, featuring a single ply of 10mil film with a white texture coated finish. The head can be used on any 14” floor tom or snare, offering a versatile, resonant tone which is adaptable to a range of drumming genres. The texture coating of the head creates an extremely sensitive response, making the head perfect for use with either sticks or brushes, projecting every subtle hit throughout your performance. Offering a traditional sound with a modern feel and durability, the Aquarian Texture Coated Drum Heads are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your drums.


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    Aquarian’s Texture Coated Series drum heads feature a single-ply, medium weight construction, making them suitable for a wide range of drumming styles and genres. The heads also produce a sensitive response and resonant tone which makes them perfect for use with both sticks and brushes. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit all of your drums, the Aquarian Texture Coated drumheads offer a great traditional sound with a modern feel and durability. Perfect for even the most intricate drumming styles and playing techniques, the Texture Coated heads ensure every subtle hit is projected as it should be.

    About Aquarian

    Aquarian’s range of high-quality drum heads has a size and style to suit every drummer’s needs, whatever style or genre of drumming you choose to play. Aquarian’s heads feature their Safe-T-Loc system which locks the drum head into specially contoured aluminium extrusion hoops, secured with epoxy. This results in a head which will not detune, no matter what you put it through. All of Aquarian’s two-ply heads undergo a special vacuum-sealing process which ensures no air gets trapped between the surfaces, guaranteeing a pure, clear tone throughout your drumming. Designed to surpass the needs of the modern drummer, Aquarian drum heads are the perfect complement to any acoustic drums.


    • Single-ply, medium weight construction
    • Great traditional sound and modern feel
    • Sensitive response and resonant tone
    • Ideal for use with both sticks and brushes
    • Available in a range of sizes


    • Construction: Single-Ply, 10mil
    • Style: White
    • Type: Floor Tom/Snare
    • Size: 14”

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