Cympad Moderator Super Set


The Cympad Moderator Super Set is set of cymbal washers that provide the consistency and dependency of the advanced cellular foam whilst reducing cymbal volume and overtones, controlling sustain and improving isolation and resonance. The Cympad Moderator is available in 6 sizes, offering a full range of options for tone control in rehearsal, recording, performance, as well as practice rooms and teaching studios.


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    Cympad began when Reto Hirschi noticed that the sound level of his cymbals was too loud in performance and recording situations, and sometimes too loud in rehearsal and teaching too. Instead of wearing earplugs or hiding behind a plexiglass wall at concerts or in the studio, Reto had the idea of replacing the standard bottom felt with a larger one. This resulted in a less aggressive, noisey and washy sound without changing the general characteristics of the cymbal. After further experimenting, Reto swapped the traditional felt washer for one made of an advanced, cellular foam. This was where the Cympad Moderator series began.

    Reto thought that the cellular foam from the Moderators could work in other drum applications. He began developing cellular foam washers that would replace conventional felt cymbal washers. The result was a new breed of cymbal washers that provided better cymbal suspension, better isolation from stands, better sound and a more comfortable and natural feel. This series was named Cympad Optimizers.

    The latest series of cellular foam cymbal washers is the Cympad Chromatics. This series brings all the technology from the Moderator and the Optimizer series and adds colour and customisation, creating the ideal mix and providing improved isolation, resonance and cymbal sound.


    • Made from premium grade cellular foam
    • Improves isolation and resonance
    • Uniformed shape and size for consistency in sound
    • Reduces volume and overtones
    • 10-pack of 2 x 50, 60, 70, 80, 90mm x 15mm washers




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