Dream Cymbal Bliss Series 20” Ride

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The Dream cymbal Bliss 20” Ride is an incredibly powerful ride cymbal from cymbal experts Dream. Perfect for use as a ride or crash, this cymbal is extremely versatile, providing an explosive and precise stick articulation. As well as producing natural, dark cymbal sound, the micro lathed cymbal surface delivers focused drum tones. This provides a clear tonality with a good amount of resonance and a balanced amount of minimum sustain. The open bell allows for a unique cymbal sound with many tonal possibilities. The multi-function of this cymbal means it is great for space-saving, minimising the amount of hardware required. A perfect choice for any drummer looking for a quality cymbal, the Dream Cymbal Bliss Series 20” ride will be a great addition to any cymbal bag.


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    Dream Cymbals Bliss Series are new cymbals that are made in the ancient, traditional way – Each cymbal is an individual work of art, painstakingly hand forged and hand hammered. These cymbals provide a warmth that seduces at low volumes and thunders with dark undertones at more extreme volumes. All Bliss series cymbals feature an exceptionally resilient design that comes alive, shimmering and wobbling with just a mere touch. Each one is a unique, complex voice that is sure to excite your imagination.


    • Surface: Micro Lathed by Hand
    • Bow: Low Gentle Bridge
    • Bell: Small, Articulate, Clear
    • Weight: Thin Tapers at Edge
    • Hammering: Hand Hammered (Before and After Lathing)
    • Stick: Woody Round Attack
    • Wash: Full Spectrum Wash with Quick Decay
    • Product Code: DCBRI20

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