Istanbul Agop Xist Ion 16” Crash Cymbal

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The Istanbul Agop Xist Ion 16” Crash Cymbal is a unique, tonally grabbing and excellent stack cymbal. Made from B20 Bronze to classic, traditional Istanbul cymbal making standards, the Xist Ion Crash produces a bright, instantly heard tone. Precisely laser-cut geometric holes not only make this visually interesting, but also aid in producing a raw, instant and splashy sound. Ideal for accents due to it’s white noise-esque tonality, this cymbal is sure to stick out and compliment any music setting and existing cymbal set-up. Ideal for the drummer looking for an accent cymbal or to create a unique stack.


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    Through a combination of modern and traditional manufacturing techniques, Xist Agop cymbals produce a hybrid sound that is characteristically warm and full bodied. The moderate overtones make them suitable for both recording and live situations. Istanbul Cymbals are renowned for being manually shaped by hammer wielding cymbal smiths who painstakingly craft each cymbal to perfection. The cymbals have a consistent performance that can be relied on by students and professionals alike.

    Istanbul XIST construction process

    Unlike many other cymbal producers Istanbul Agop have taken a unique approach to construct their range of incredible cymbals by using an innovative preform casting mould which allows only 2500 strategic hammer blows to complete as opposed to the traditional 4500. This impressive technique produces remarkable results allowing high-performance cymbals to be made at a lower cost whilst still providing incredible sound quality and performance.


    • Material: B20 Bronze
    • Diameter: 16”
    • Decay: Quick
    • Finish: Natural
    • Product Code: IXIONC16

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