Meinl Sonic Energy Rainstick Bamboo, Large

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Channel the clouds. Convincing rainfall sounds on the go. The Meinl Sonic Energy Bamboo Rainsticks are wonderful atmosphere instruments. With a bamboo build, they’re both lightweight and durable, making them perfect for portable use. These distinct sounds are clear and pronounced while retaining a sense of calmness. A unique and intriguing addition to your music. The Medium Rainstick’s classic look is well complemented by its expertly-applied dot-painted finish. Also available in Small and Medium variants.


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    Getting to the heart of what sound is really about. The philosophy of Meinl’s Sonic Energy series is to better appreciate how sound lives, moves and breathes among us in every moment of our lives. This high-quality range includes many instruments that are tuned to specific frequencies. They can be used for massages, spas, sound therapies and in many other areas. It’s less about performance, and more about embracing the powerful energies of sound, and the positive impact it can have on our mental and even physical health.


    • Product Code: RS1L
    • Size: Large
    • Length: 102cm
    • Material: Bamboo
    • Finish: Dot-painted

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