Pearl Roadshow 5pc Fusion Kit w/3 Sabian Cymbals, Metallic Bronze

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The Pearl Roadshow 5pc USA Fusion Kit includes everything you need to start playing straight away. The whole package includes the Pearl Roadshow 5pc Drum Kit, a full range of hardware, a 20’’ ride cymbal, a 16’’ crash cymbal, and a 14’’ hi-hat. This is the perfect package if you are looking to begin your drumming journey.

The 9-ply 7mm poplar shells deliver a rich, resonant tone with excellent attack and projection that is ideal for any playing style. These shells feature an eye-catching bronze finish that looks at home on any stage.


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The Roadshow series by Pearl is ideal for players looking to start learning on a reliable and durable instrument, offering incredible tone and playability for a very affordable price. The American Fusion set produces a powerful, aggressive sound with crystal clear definition. This kit is equipped with chrome hardware and features a striking bronze finish, ensuring that it looks just as good as it sounds.

9-ply poplar shells

All the drums in the Roadshow Fusion Kit are made from 9-ply poplar, providing a crisp sound with a strong high-end attack. The 7mm shells are cut with a 45-degree bearing edge, reducing contact between the head and the shell for improved resonance and tonal clarity. The bearing edge also provides the drums with much easier tuning, and the ability to constantly stay in tune so you can play all day long without having to stop and tune!

Thunderous kick and snare drum brings life to your mix

Your bass drum is the foundation of your drum kit, setting the beat for your overall sound. The Pearl Roadshow bass drum provides an extended tension/tuning range to offer low, floor shaking bass frequencies. These bass drums also include locking, slip-free spurs and secure mounting for your rack toms and accessories.

The Pearl Roadshow snare drum is the voice of your kit. This delivers everything from the loudest of accentuation to the most subtle ghost notes. The 14’’ x 5.5’’ snare drum is packed full of power and attack, whilst being sensitive and versatile enough for any musical genre.

Quality chrome hardware

Good quality hardware makes the life of any drummer much easier when gigging, recording or even just practicing at home. The Pearl 5pc drum kit comes with a cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, and a snare stand. These stands feature a strong, balanced tripod base to offer maximum stability and reliability. Each of these stands are fully adjustable for height and angle, and feature double-braced legs for added durability.

Kit configuration

  • Bass Drum: 22’’ x 16’’
  • Rack Tom 1: 10’’ x 8’’
  • Rack Tom 2: 12’’ x 9’’
  • Floor Tom: 16’’ x 14’’
  • Snare Drum: 14’’ x 5.5’’


  • Cymbal Stand
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Snare Stand
  • Kick Pedal
  • Drum Throne
  • 2x Rack Tom Holders


  • 20’’ Ride
  • 16″ Crash
  • 14″ Hi-hats

Included accessories

  • Maple drumsticks (two pair)
  • Stick bag
  • Pearl Drum poster


  • Includes everything you need to start playing straight away
  • 9-ply poplar shells deliver a rich tone
  • Self-muffling bass drum ring prevents unwanted sounds
  • Includes a full range of hardware, a 16’’ crash/ride, 14’’ hi-hat, sticks and a stick bag
  • Thunderous kick and snare drum brings life to your mix
  • Bronze finish provides a stunning aesthetic that looks at home on any stage
  • Extended bass drum tuning range provides great versatility
  • 45-degree bearing edges for improved resonance and tonal clarity


  • Kit Size: American Fusion
  • Shell Material: Poplar
  • Shell Construction: 9-Ply, 7mm
  • Bearing Edges: 45-Degree
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Finish: Bronze Metallic
  • Product Code: RS525SBC/C707

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