Promark Rebound 5A Hickory Acorn Wood Tip

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The Promark Rebound 5A Hickory Acorn Wood Tip. Optimised for finesse and agility. The Rebound Select Balance model features a longer taper for a more back-heavy feel, giving you a lighter feel for better finesse and agility. To get the fullest sound, an acorn tip is featured on the end. This gives you a full, rich sound. The 5A size makes them a perfect middle-ground drumstick, as they perform well in almost any style of music.

The Promark Rebound drumsticks are made in USA from durable hickory, following stringent methods and quality controls to ensure your drumsticks are consistently shaped and long-lasting.

Please Note: These sticks have been rebranded with new packaging. You may receive old packaging – however, product remains the same.


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