Sabian Evolution HHX 16″ Crash Cymbal

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If you are a drummer who likes explosive responses and warm sounds, the Saban HHX 16” Evolution Crash Cymbal is the perfect addition to your drum set up. The Sabian HHX 16″ Evolution Crash Cymbal has a thin weight, offering you a quick response and delivering increased cut and projection. The smaller 16″ diameter combined with the thin weight means that this cymbal is much easier to play, and much more responsive, meaning you do not have to play with as much power to achieve the same sound. The Sabian HHX 16?” Evolution Crash Cymbal retains the low end whilst brightening the high ends sounds. The HHX Evolution Crash delivers a dark sound that is ideal for a range of modern styles, including; Rock, R&B, Pop, Urban, Funk and Jazz. The Sabian HHX 16″ Evolution Crash Cymbal features “Tone Projection”, which allows you to project the sound in any musical setting.

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