Snareweight M80 Snare Dampening System, Black

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The Snareweight M80 Dampening System assists in maximising your snare’s potential. The M80 attaches to your triple flanged hoops to add more control and focus to the overall sound. The neodymium magnet secures your rim as smoothly and consistently as possible for a clean vibration. The leather pad has two sides which offer different dampening strengths. The leather material has acoustic qualities that keeps you frequency range balanced. The M80 snare dampener is ideal for musicians wanting a quieter, high quality sound with extra focus.


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    The Snareweight offers 4 different settings to choose for, providing the ability to find the correct amount of dampening you want. It’s magnets allow for quick changing and will hold the M80 securely and won’t affect the sound of your drum. The M80 can be set to no dampening at all, all the leather on the drum, left half folded over, right half folded over, and both sides folded over. These different setting can be used to find the right amount of dampening all in one simple and easy to use device.


    • Tab Material: Leather
    • Dampening Positions: 4
    • Magnet: Neodymium
    • Body Material: Brass
    • Fitting: Triple Flanged Hoops
    • Drum Diameter Fit: 8’’+

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