Tama HP600D Iron Cobra Single Drum Pedal

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The Tama HP600D Iron Cobra is a high performance and durable single kick drum pedal that incorporates a range of innovative features to improve your performance. Its most unique feature is the Duo Glide Sprocket, which is a reversible cam that gives you the option to choose between power glide and rolling glide feel based on your playing style. The Iron Cobra 600 features a newly designed hinge for precise footboard action and a Speedo-Ring which reduces friction for a smoother, more effortless feel. Also with a robust and long lasting felt beater, the HP600D can be used for a range of playing styles and can accommodate a range of set up preferences due to the adjustable components.


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    The Tama HP600DB pedal boasts a special reversible “Duo Glide” cam, allowing you to choose between the true round “Rolling Glide” sprocket and the off-set “Power Glide” sprocket according to your needs at the time. The Rolling Glide gives a smooth, consistent feel while the Power Glide increases power and speed towards the end of the stroke. To adjust the Duo Glide cam simply loosen the bolt on the sprocket with a standard drum key, remove and rotate the cam, then reattach to the pedal and you’re ready to go.

    Double Chain Drive & Speedo Ring

    The HP600D incorporates a double chain design to offer smooth and accurate motion as well as increased reliability and durability. Thanks to the Speedo-Ring with built in ball bearing, the Iron Cobra reduces unnecessary friction, giving you smoother momentum and less friction than the traditional nylon rocker cam.


    • Strong and robust single bass drum pedal
    • Duo glide cam for power glide and rolling glide switching
    • Double chain delivers smooth and accurate motion
    • Upgraded hinge design provides fluid motion and improved durability
    • Speedo Ring eliminates friction by replacing traditional nylon rocker cam
    • Paraclamp ensures the pedal stays flat on the floor
    • Spring tight tension rod keeps the spring from twisting


    • Pedal Type: Single
    • Drive System: Double Chain
    • Beater: Plastic/Felt
    • Finish: Black/Chrome
    • Product Code: HP600D

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