Vic Firth Wire Jazz Brush Plastic Handle

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Retractable, extra-heavy gauge wire brushes – perfect for jazz music. The Vic Firth Jazz Brush Plastic Handle. Encased in a plastic handle for added durability, these retractable wire brushes produce maximum sound and coverage. The re-tractability of these brushes not only prevents damage in transit but also allows for an infinitely adjustable spread of wires that is maintainable in any playing position.

Why choose Vic Firth Jazz Brushes? A 5” brush spread provides maximum coverage and full sound on any drum or cymbal – the perfect pair for any jazz drummers. Vic Firth has a rigorous manufacturing process and checks to make sure each product is of a Vic Firth quality.


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    Diameter: 0.575”
    Spread: 5”
    Shaft Material: Plastic
    Brush Material: Metal

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