Zildjian A Custom 20” Medium Ride Cymbal, Brilliant Finish

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The Zildjian A Custom Medium ride cymbal offers players extremely crisp and clear sticking definition, whilst delivering a warm and even shimmer across the cymbal. Harder playing will unlock excellent ‘cutting’ tonal properties to ensure that this cymbal is heard by everyone when you need it to be. As with all A Custom cymbals, the Zildjian brilliant finish adds an extra degree of sparkle to the overall sound.


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    Zildjian’s A Custom Series Cymbals are one of Zildjian’s most renowned series and are the choice of many rock, metal and fusion drummers around the world. Recognised for their signature bright, cutting sounds, A Custom cymbals feature a brilliant finish with unique hand hammering techniques which create the crisp, clean sounds which drummers know and love. Whether you are playing onstage or in the studio, the A Customs ensure a consistent sound which is sure to complement a range of drumming styles and techniques. Zildjian’s A Custom Series Cymbals are also available in a wide range of models and sizes so that you hand-pick your own setup to suit your preference.


    • Size: 20″ / 50.8 CM
    • Weight: Medium
    • Finish: Brilliant Finish
    • Bell Size: Medium
    • Profile: Medium
    • Pitch: Mid To High
    • Sound: Bright/Mid
    • Volume: General
    • Balance: Blend
    • Sustain: Long

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