Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal Pack

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The Zildjian Planet Z Complete Pack Cymbal Set is everything you’ll need to get your performance heard. The set includes a 14″ hi hat pair, 16″ crash cymbal and a 20″ ride cymbal. The cymbals are built to last and features several qualities found across the professional Zildjian range.

The Planet Z range offer a bright tone, suitable for a range of musical genres. It is also possible to achieve defined performances, ideal for intricate drum patterns. The crash is ideal for achieving a pronounced accent, whilst retaining a short sustain. This is in contrast to the ride cymbal, which can range from detailed sounds to washy overtones. The hi hat is also capable of achieving a range of tones, ideal for beginners looking to improve their technique.


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    The cymbal set includes a full-sized pair of 14″ hi-hats, a 16” crash cymbal and a versatile 20″ ride. This is ideal for players starting out on drums, providing everything you’ll need to perform a range of musical genres. The hi-hat provides a distinctly bright tone whilst offering high definition, ensuring every detail of your hi-hat performance is heard. The short sustain proves particularly useful for both intricate and fast playing styles.

    Also included is a 16” crash cymbal. The crash cymbal is capable of producing loud accents, whilst retaining a short sustain in order to not intrude on your drum pattern. The 20” ride is hugely versatile thanks to the wide dynamic range available. Harder hits can achieve a washy sustain, compared to the defined, bright sounds achieved for lower dynamic performances.

    Planet Z Cymbals

    Planet Z cymbals are the perfect introduction to the world of professional drumming. Offering features found all across the Zildjian range, Planet Z cymbals provide high quality sounds that are sure to get your performance noticed.

    The Planet Z cymbals are ideal for players that regularly perform a variety of genres. This is thanks to the sound covering a wide dynamic range. The bright nature of the cymbals lends itself to both fast and slow tempo music, whether you’re looking to thrash through a chorus or add a characterful hi-hat to an acoustic musical piece. Thanks to the standard sizes of the Planet Z cymbals, they set players up brilliantly to progress their technique and onto other cymbal types.


    • Includes 14″ hi hat pair, 16″ crash cymbal and a 20″ ride cymbal
    • Sound suitable for a range of musical genres
    • Bright and controlled sound
    • Ideal introduction to the Zildjian cymbal range


    • Product code: ZP4PK

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