Zildjian Reflex 6” Conditioning Practice Pad, Black

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The Zildjian Reflex 6” Conditioning Practice Pad is the ultimate practice pad for all drummers and all styles. Dual sides offer differing resistances – REFLEXX surface provides greater than normal resistance with a solid rebound for a classic practice pad feel, whilst the WORKK surface reduces rebound with a higher resistance.

Targeting muscles that promote sensitivity, strength and endurance, the Reflex pad makes it easier to transfer your skills from pad to kit. 50% quieter than a standard practice pad ideal for low-volume environments, working with a wide range of velocities to give you the same workout wherever you’re playing. The 6” version is the perfect travel companion too, easily transportable and quiet.


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    Partnering with industry innovator REFLEXX, the Conditioning Pad is the next step in a new era of practicing. A 3/4” FLEXX surface and a 1/2” WORKK surface make this a workout for all drummers. Working out the upper and lower arm, smaller stabilising muscles in the fingers and increasing endurance, the two sides work in tandem to increase the efficiency of your practice time.

    FLEXX gives you a standard pad, helping you practice your sticking patterns and techniques, whilst the WORKK side reduces the feedback, making you focus on technique and works the stabilising muscles that you use subconsciously when you play. Feel stronger and more efficient when you move back to the kit, all thanks to innovation.


    • Dual-sided pad, perfect for an efficient practice routine
    • Develop the smaller stabilising muscles that often go untrained
    • Promotes strength, sensitivity and endurance to easily transfer from pad to kit
    • Innovation in pad design for the ultimate drum workout station
    • Available in 6” and 10”


    • Diameter: 6”
    • Colour: Black
    • Product Code: ZXPPRCP06

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