Dream Bliss Series 20” Paper Thin Crash Cymbal

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The Dream Cymbal Bliss Series 20” Paper Thin is an outstandingly versatile crash cymbal. The 20″ Paper Thin is crafted by hand and also hand-hammered meaning you notice the attention to detail. The overall sound is thick, trashy and almost tam-tam like, with a long sustain and a clear-cut woody stick sound. The ultra-thin body allows the cymbal to erupt with sound, making it a great choice for someone wanting to play loud music although it will shine in multiple applications. This cymbal is a powerful asset for any player looking to add another wall of sound to their kit.


  • 20″ Extremely Thin Crash Cymbal
  • Trashy Wall Of Sound
  • Hand Crafted To Outstanding Quality
  • Clear-Cut Woody Stick Sound
  • Long Sustain
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