Dream Cymbal Vintage Bliss Series Crash/Ride 17”

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The Dream Cymbal Vintage Bliss 17″ Crash Ride is a versatile, thin cymbal that produces explosive, full and punchy crashes while maintaining a soft but clearly defined stick sound that is perfect for riding. These cymbals have proven to be popular among jazz drummers due to their mysterious and exotic undertones, and among hard hitting drummers due to their explosive musicality.


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    Vintage Bliss Cymbals first started as unique micro-lathed, hand-hammered cymbals with a signature soft edge, low profile bell and gradual taper. These prototypes became so popular that Dream introduced their own line – the Vintage Bliss. Their unique shape and weight make these cymbals incredibly responsive and full-bodied with a fairly fast decay.


    • Size: 17”
    • Surface: Micro-Lathed by Hand
    • Bow: Low Gentle Bridge
    • Bell: Broad Shoulder, Smooth Transition Medium Low Height
    • Weight: Thin Tapers
    • Hammering: Hand Hammered Before and After Lathing
    • Stick: Woody Round Attack
    • Sustain: Long
    • Product Code: DCVBCRRI17

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