Meinl Byzance 14″ Dual Hi-Hat

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An apt name. The Meinl Byzance 14″ Dual Hi-Hat lives up to its name, providing you with dry, low-pitched, trashy sounds and a short sustain. The raw, hand-hammered surface is combined with a lathed edge which is buffed to a brilliant finish, offering a unique style that will turn heads.


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    Product Code: B14DUH
    Cymbal Type: Hi-Hat
    Size: 14”
    Styles: Gospel/Funk/Fusion/Jazz/Pop/RNB/Studio
    Timbre: Mid-Dark
    Character: Complex/Full-bodied/Musical/Sensitive/Smooth/Warm
    Pitch: Low-Mid
    Volume: Low
    Sustain: Medium to Short
    Weight: Thin
    Shaping: Hand Hammered
    Finish: Raw/Brilliant/Traditional
    Material: B20 Bronze Alloy
    Lathe: None/Narrow Blade

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