Paiste PST 5 20” Rock Ride Cymbal

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The Paiste PST 5 N 20” Rock Ride Cymbal is perfect for drummers looking for an aggressive and loud ride cymbal. Bright and powerful sounding with a cutting tone and long sustain, this ride packs plenty of punch and can lock down even the most high-octane grooves. With a separated bell character the PST 5 N Rock Ride Cymbal delivers a pronounced ping perfect for syncopated playing. Designed to be articulate, expressive and assertive, the Pasite PST 5 N 20” Rock Ride Cymbal is a true asset to any heavy-hitting drummer.


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    Size: 20”
    Material: 2002 bronze
    Volume: Loud
    Response Intensity: Lively
    Feel: Heavy
    Weight: Heavy
    Product Code: PST5NRRD20

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