Pearl Export Drum kit in blue-grey w/hardware (pre-owned)

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This drum kit is pickup-only from Broomhill, Glasgow

This kit has been inspected and validated by Drum Shop Glasgow for quality and accuracy of description.

The shells of this Pearl Export drum kit are in excellent condition with virtually no scratches.   The chrome is also in very good condition.  The heads appear original and have clear marks from playing but are usable as they are.

The kit comes with all hardware including a bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, straight cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, snare drum stand and drum stool.  All function well.

A snare drum is not included.

Tom sizes are 10″ x 8″, 12″ x 10″
Floor tom: 16″ x 16″
Bass drum: 22″ x 16″

The drums need tuning and dampening.

We would describe this as a good value “knock-around” kit.