Pearl P-2050B Eliminator Redline Single Pedal, Belt Drive

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The Pearl P-2050B Eliminator Redline Single Pedal, Belt Drive produces a dynamic response that allows the drummer unprecedented control and power. The pedal features an interchangeable cam system, allowing players to alternate between three beat styles. The quad beater has been redesigned to give the P-2050C more speed and better control. For musicians wanting to achieve maximum potential from their kick drum, the Pearl Redline pedals is an ideal choice.


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    The Pearl Eliminator Redline Series of drum pedals is based upon the popular Powershifter Eliminator range, with radical improvements. The redesigned Control Core Quad Beater provides a heightened ergonomic contact for improved feel. The Click-Lock Spring Adjustment has variable settings to allow your foot maximum comfort. The Ninja axle bearings provide a precise feel for the entire motion of each beat. These features make the Eliminator Redline pedals a balanced, fast and comfortable way to control your kick drum.

    Versatile and light weight cam system

    The impressive Cam system on the Pearl eliminator offers ultimate control to your playing. With an interchangeable cam system you can alter the level of power this pedal will deliver – Adapting this pedal to suit your resistance preference. Complete with lightweight qualities, the cam provides superior acceleration to your playing, offering a smooth responsive feel. The uni-lock Beater Angle Cam allows for perfect positioning of your beater giving you the best possible playing experience and setup.

    Control quad beater

    The Control Core Quad beater offers a range of different sounds and attacks for you bass drum sound. Providing softer tones through the felt quadrant of the beater, to a high attack and punch through the plastic end of the beater. Putting you in charge of how your kick sounds, as well as adding a versatile edge to this well built and constructed pedal.

    Tailored footplate with revolutionary powershifter

    Grip is essential for any kick pedal and this kick pedal delivers grip to the max, featuring an isolated reversible traction plate. This plate provides you with the option to configure the foot plate to suit your required foot plate grip, tailoring your kick to your playing preferences. If you want to step up the pedal intensity, simply use the pearl Powershifter feature on this pedal. Move the pedal forward or back to change the drive angle leverage, shifting the pedal intensity to light regular or strong. Delivering a smooth and quiet attack this pedal has it all. Complete with high end ninja bearings, designed by skateboard engineers- playing has never being so easy. This pedal really does deliver a sleek, versatile, and smooth performance – Perfect for any type of drummer.


    • Manufacturer: Pearl
    • Pedal Type: Single
    • Slides: Belt
    • Baseplate: Yes
    • Spring Adjustment: Click-Lock
    • Beater Exterior: Felt
    • Product Code P-2050B

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