Sabian HHX Complex Promotional Set

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Cymbals with unmatched character. The Sabian HHX Complex Promotional Set helps you define your sound. Using their years of experience, Sabian created the HHX Complex cymbal range. HHX cymbals produce a deep, dark tone that explores frequencies that many cymbals can’t reach. The resulting sound is powerful, adding a significant character to any drum setup. Capable of a wide dynamic range, HHX cymbals will make a statement across all musical genres. The HHX Complex Promotional set provides 14-inch Complex Medium Hats, 16-inch and 18-inch Complex Thin Crashes and a 20-inch Complex Medium Ride to take your drum setup to the next level.

Style: Modern
Sound: Dark
Weight: Thin
Metal: B20
Finish: Natural
Size: 17
Product Code: 11792XN

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The ride included with the HHX Complex Promotional Set utilises a combination of HH and HHX hammering. By hand hammering the cymbal, Sabian have created one of their sweetest sounding cymbals to date. The ride guarantees projection thanks to the hand hammered manufacturing whilst being capable of producing rich low frequencies not often found in ride cymbals. This adds a complex layer to your sound that’s sure to define a performance.

14-inch HHX Complex Medium Hats

Carrying the HHX Complex name provides you with enough information to know these hats are special. Using the unique manufacturing approach HHX cymbals rely on, these hats are the fattest sounding Sabian hi-hats to date. The combination of a medium top and heavy bottom cymbal creates a fierce sound when played closed. This is perfect for a range of styles but particularly for cutting through a dense mix. Once opened, the hats liven up, sizzling through chorus’ and adding a shine capable of performing in a range of genres.

18-inch and 16-inch HHX Complex Thin Crash cymbals

The cymbals provide the perfect way to complete your explosive fills, or to thrash your way to a standing ovation. The thin build produces a sweet sound, whilst the HHX characteristics come to the fore with dark tones. The result is cymbals that are full of character and are sure to become part of your own signature sound.


  • Hand hammered cymbal set
  • Capable of producing exquisitely dark sound
  • Utilise manufacturing techniques developed creating some of the world’s top selling cymbals lines


  • Package dimensions: 56.5 x 56.5 x 7.6 cm
  • Product code: 15005XCNP

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