Sabian XS20 16″ Crash/Ride (Pre-owned)

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Very good condition. No cracks or keyholes – only a few cosmetic signs of use.

The XS20 series is quite special, as it is a budget-friendly series of cymbals that is made of the same high-quality alloy of B20 bronze as Sabian’s high-end cymbals. By using a more automated production process, however, Sabian has been able to keep costs at a minimum, making these cymbals not only very high in quality, but also very affordable.

This 18-inch Crash Ride does its name justice, as it excels both as a crash and a ride. As a crash, it creates a deep, powerful sound with plenty of volume, thanks to its large size and the relatively large bell. When you ride it, it delivers a full, wide-open sound with the same great volume range and a cutting bell sound.

*No manufacturer warranty with pre-owned products.