Zildjian A New Beat 14” Hi-Hats

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The Zildjian A New Beat 14” Hi-Hats produce the perfect crisp chick with every stroke, and can ramp up in volume easily for heavier situations. Clean, crisp and articulate, the combination of medium weight top and heavy weight bottom puts the New Beat hi-hats on the bright side – just enough to cut through a mix and no more.

Long thought to be the most versatile hats in the world, their wide groove lathing allow the B20 alloy to open up and produce beautiful harmonics. Symmetrically machine hammered makes these are as mechanically detailed as their sound, presenting a classic voice for the modern drummer.


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    The A series captures the classic Zildjian sound, immortalised in countless recordings by the greatest drummers throughout time. A versatile series of cymbals with bright character, the A Series cymbals range from paper thin to extra heavy. Many current models in the series have recently undergone curvature and weight adjustments to capture the sweet spot of the classic A sound, while reflecting today’s musical styles.

    Why not get the set?

    You can make substantial savings on a full set and buy these 14” New Beat hi-hats as part of the Zildjian A391 cymbal box set.


    • Size: 14”
    • Alloy: B20 Bronze
    • Weight: Medium top, heavy bottom
    • Finish: Traditional finish
    • Bell Size: Small
    • Profile: Medium
    • Pitch: Mid
    • Sound: Solid chick
    • Volume: General
    • Balance: Blend
    • Sustain: Medium
    • Skill Level: Intermediate, advanced, professional
    • Product Code: A0133



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