Zildjian A 21” Sweet Ride Cymbal, Brilliant Finish

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The Zildjian A Sweet Ride has a wide and expressive dynamic range, making it one of the most versatile ride cymbals around. When riding, the 21” Sweet Ride produces a mellow and soft attack with a buttery, washy sustain. It opens up easily for crash riding or just using as a crash. The stick definition is pearly and beautifully articulated. The new bell has slightly more weight for a more defined bell sound and cutting tone. Perfect for any drumkit, the Zildjian A Sweet Ride has a versatile and expressive sound that works perfectly in any musical style.


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    The A series captures the classic Zildjian sound that has been immortalised in countless recordings by the greatest drummers throughout time. A versatile series of cymbals with bright character, the A Series cymbals range from paper thin to extra heavy. Many current models in the series have recently undergone curvature and weight adjustments to capture the sweet spot of the classic A sound, while reflecting today’s musical styles.


    • Size: 21″
    • Weight: Medium
    • Finish: Brilliant finish
    • Bell Size: Large
    • Profile: Medium
    • Pitch: Low to mid
    • Sound: Dark/mid
    • Volume: General
    • Balance: Blend
    • Sustain: Long
    • Skill Level: Advanced, beginner, intermediate, professional
    • Product Code: A20079

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