Stagg 22cm Aluminium Darbuka

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Ideal for the travelling percussionist. Measuring at only 32cm tall, the Stagg 22cm Aluminium Darbuka is the perfect companion. Its small size makes it ideal for taking with you anywhere. Whether it be busking, jamming around a campfire or even for use in schools, the Stagg Darbuka is the ideal choice.

Crafted from Aluminium with a weather-resistant head, this Darbuka will deliver a sharp sound with an excellent attack. Perfect for small stages, these drums are often associated with traditional belly dancing. If that’s not enough, the included tuning key allows you to make quick and easy adjustments when needed.


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Only the drummer or percussionist can determine which way the rhythm will move us. The Stagg 22cm Aluminium Darbuka is based on the traditional Darbuka, utilising the same materials and dimensions as the original design. Darbuka drums originate from Egypt and can also be found in North Africa and Eastern Europe. These drums are often associated with traditional belly dancing that is popular in a few of these countries.

Unlike similar drums like a Doumbek, the lugs and rim of the darbuka are exposed on the outside of the drum, making tuning easier. The darbuka delivers a sharp sound, especially when hit at the rim, as with a snare drum.

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