Vic Firth 5AVG Wood Tip Vic Grip Drumsticks

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The Vic Firth 5AVG Wood Tip Vic Grip Drumsticks are the quintessential 5A drumstick, now with the added benefit of Vic Grip – you will never have to worry about dropping your sticks again. Not too light, thick, or heavy – just the right size to cover all styles for every player, beginners to pro’s love them. Made from a durable and reliable special Hickory, they can take the harshest of beatings and the articulate either softest of touches.

The tips are of a teardrop shape, providing a warm and dark sound with a focused low-end consistently across the entire drum kit. A medium taper helps you keep control of the stick, offering a balanced rebound on any surface. All this with the anti-slip finish of Vic-Grip, these sticks are a musicians best friend.


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    The Vic Firth 5A has probably been through more pro drummer’s hands than any other 5A out there on the market. That’s because no one else does sticks to the Vic Firth standard. When other sticks break, the Vic Firth 5A doesn’t even break a sweat. And that’s why everyone knows their name. Less stick-breaking mid-set means more time to groove in style.

    Never worry about dropping your sticks

    Vic Grip is an anti-slip drumstick coating which provides a comfortable and slip resistant grip to the top-selling American Classic® models. Made from an eco-friendly, water-based urethane, the Vic Grip is extremely durable and prevents you from dropping your drumsticks during performances – perfect for drummers who prefer an enhanced grip on their sticks.

    The Vic Grip drumsticks are moisture proof – the grip coating isn’t affected by wet or sweaty hands.

    Vic Firth manufacturing

    The Vic Firth drumsticks thorough manufacturing process ensures each stick meets the Vic Firth quality standard. No one else invests so much time and energy into creating the perfect pair of sticks – approximately 16 steps of honing, refining and finishing before they even touch a drum-set.

    Durable and reliable hickory

    American Classic Hickory Drumsticks are a combination of traditional and Vic Firth style. And, made from hickory, show off bold designs for a more pronounced sound. Hickory is a dense wood with little flex, providing exceptional sound quality. In addition to this, hickory is also great at dealing with shock, making it extremely durable.


    • Size: 5A
    • Length: 16”
    • Diameter: 0.565”
    • Material: Hickory
    • Tip Material: Hickory
    • Tip Shape: Tear Drop
    • Taper: Medium
    • Surface Area: Medium
    • Surface Coating: Vic Grip (Red)
    • Product Code: VF-5AVG

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