Yamaha DFP9500C Chain Drive Double Kick Pedal

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The Yamaha DFP9500C Chain Drive Double Kick Pedal is a high quality double bass drum pedal from Yamaha, featuring a double chain drive with a designed that’s aimed to be simple to use and suitable for playing a huge range of music styles and genres. The pedal features a minimalistic frame design, which not only gives the pedals their simplistic aesthetic, but allows you to easily adjust the aspects of the pedal. These include a new spring tension adjuster with a self-locking feature, a simple beater angle adjuster, a footboard adjuster, a simple hoop clamp mechanism, and a smooth universal joint on the slave drive. Everything can be simply and easily adjusted with a drum key, making this pedal ideal for gigging and travelling drummers alike. To further this, the pedal includes a light yet protective carry case, providing enough room for the pedal and accessories, ensuring that they stay safe and secure whilst in transit.

Features:Key Features

Includes Semi-Hard Carry Case for Pedals & Accessories
Double Chain Drive Delivers Fast & Accurate Pedal Action
Built-In Bearings Provide Smooth, Even Motion
Narrow Under-Plate Allows for Easier Placement & Setup
Two-Way Felt & Plastic Beater Offers On the Spot Dynamics

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The Yamaha 9500 series pedals are available as a single pedal or as a double pedal, and with either a double chain drive or a direct drive for two distinctly different feels. The double chain version can also be modified into a belt drive which is also included. Both pedals feature a new beater design which offers a choice between felt and plastic surfaces for interchangeable dynamics that are incredibly quick to switch between. The pedal also features a newly designed narrow under plate. This allows for easier placement and setup, especially when placing the slave unit on a double pedal next to hi-hat stand pedals.


  • Two-way felt and plastic beater provides interchangeable dynamics on the spot
  • Double chain drive delivers fast, accurate pedal motion
  • Teardrop shaped beater shaft hole prevents the beater from turning in play
  • Smooth moving universal slave rocker shaft joint provides increased flexibility and smoother movement
  • Self-locking spring tension mechanism prevents loosening during play
  • Spring roller with built-in bearings delivers a smooth, even pedal action
  • Narrow under-plate allows for easier placement and setup
  • Includes a semi-hard carry case to protect the pedal and any accessories


  • Pedal Type: Double
  • Drive System: Double Chain Drive
  • Cam: Round Cam
  • Beater: Two-Way Felt & Plastic Beater



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