Zildjian S Family 18″ Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

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The Zildjian S Family 16” Thin Crash Cymbal is ideal for those looking for an explosive addition. The B12 alloy and the thin weight of the cymbal combine to make the Zildjian S Series Thin Crash Cymbal musically versatile which produces developed tones and explosive responses. The 16” diameter has a medium sustain with an immediate response, making the Zildjian 16” Thin Crash an ideal addition to a cymbal setup. This cymbal is an ideal choice for an intermediate drummer requiring an improved sound quality and a boost in excitement during their performances.


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    The S Series cymbals for Zildjian are well renowned for their versatile designs as they are carefully crafted which redefine all expectations and set the bar for all other cymbals in the same price range. The Zildjian S Series 16” Thin Crash Cymbal provides a progressive and more developed sound and feel which suits all music styles. The Zildjian S Series 16” Thin Crash Cymbal is ideal for an intermediate drummer who is looking to improve the overall sound quality and excitement of their drum performance.


    • Material: B12 Alloy
    • Size: 16’’
    • Surface: Hammered
    • Sustain: Short
    • Volume: Medium
    • Weight: Thin
    • Product Code: S16TC



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