Zildjian S Family 20″ Medium Ride Cymbal

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The reliable Zildjian S Series 20? Medium Ride Cymbal is an all-purpose ride which features a strong, clean mid-range which suits any musical style. Zildjians S Series 20? Medium Ride Cymbal offers a clean stick response alongside a well-defined bell. The 20? diameter of the Zildjian S Series Medium Ride Cymbal provides a well balance blend which will sit cleanly in any mix.


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    The Zildjian S Series provide a progressive sound which suits any playing style or genre in modern music. The Zildjian S Series are renowned for their versatile designs which redefine all expectations and set the bar for all other cymbals in the same price range. All Zildjian cymbals are hammered which provide a more developed sound and authentic feel. The S Series cymbals are ideal for intermediate drummers who are looking to add flare and increase their sound range in their performances, alongside beginners who are looking to learn on something that will last and is reliable.


    • Code: S20MR
    • Material: B12 Alloy
    • Size: 20″
    • Sustain: Long
    • Sound: Bright
    • Pitch: Low to Mid
    • Finish: Brilliant
    • Weight: Medium

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