Paiste PST5 16” Rock Crash Cymbal


The PST 5 N 16’’ Rock Crash is a shimmering crash cymbal created by cymbal makers Paiste as part of their PST 5 range. Constructed from a 2002 bronze alloy and featuring a brilliant finish, this cymbal can endure the demands of regular gigging and practice, whilst the robust make-up of this cymbal makes it an ideal choice for both beginner and advanced drummers. Suitable for various playing environments, the PST 5 Rock crash delivers a medium to loud tone with a cutting attack ensuring this crash will be heard through the mix. The high attack also makes this cymbal ideal for playing accents, and subsequently the loud nature of this cymbal fits nicely with the characteristic playing style of rock. Projecting a bright and clean tone, the Paiste PST 5 N 16’’ Rock crash will offer quality tones with an affordable price tag to match.


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    Full Description
    Manufacturer: Paiste
    Diameter: 16”
    Alloy: B8 Bronze
    Weight: Heavy
    Sustain: Long
    Volume: Medium – Very Loud
    Stick Sound: Shimmering
    Intensity: Lively
    Bell Character: Integrated
    Finish: Brilliant
    Product Code: PST5NRCR16




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