Promark Rebound 5B ActiveGrip Hickory Drumsticks, Wood Tip

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The Promark 5B ActiveGrip Acorn Tip Drumsticks are a sturdy pair of sticks, designed for the gigging drummer these hickory sticks offer durability and efficiency to your playing. Complete with an acorn tip these sticks provide full loud volume tones, whilst the acorn tip delivers durability as well as a careful balance to your sound. The easy playability of these sticks offers quick movement and comfort – Perfect for a large range of playing situations.

Promark have incorporated patented Activegrip technology into this design. This technology consists of a clever coating on the stick which adapts to your body temperature, providing more grip the warmer you are. The 5B sizing of this stick certainly offers versatility providing a medium weight stick suiting a large range of genres and player. The Promark active grip 5B drumsticks are an essential for any drummers stick bag offering a smooth hit with the security delivered from activegrip technology.

Please Note: These sticks have been rebranded with new packaging. You may receive old packaging – however, product remains the same.


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    The ProMark Rebound Balance 5B ActiveGrip Acorn Tip Drumsticks are made of a durable hickory that is resilient, durable and has a classic feel to it. These particular sticks are perfect for drummers that love to optimise the finesse and agility in their playing. Featuring the ActiveGrip heat activated solution that is engineered to get tackier as the player’s hands produce more sweat and moisture. This results in a better grip, because instead of making your hands slippy and moist, the sticks take in the moisture and provide a better grip. The thin lacquer adds no weight or diameter to the stick, so you can play with confidence, knowing that you have a long lasting and tight grip on your sticks.


    • Heat activated ActiveGrip
    • Reinvented acorn tips
    • Perfect for any playing style


    • Manufacturer: Promark
    • Length: 16″
    • Diameter: 595″
    • Weight: 0.5 kg
    • Product Code: R5BAG

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