Remo Ocean Drum 12” x 2.5”, White

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Simulate the sounds of ocean surf. The Remo Ocean Drum 12” x 2.5” creates a wide range of oceanic sounds, from gentle rolling waves to big waves crashing ashore. The drum is filled with round pellets coated with a corrosion resistant zinc finish for optimal brilliance in both sound quality and appearance. A highly versatile instrument, the Remo Ocean Drum can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as therapy, education, and professional use – making it a highly versatile instrument.


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    Reproduce a multitude of oceanic sounds. With the Remo Ocean Drum 12” x 2.5” you can play with various intensity to produce all the sounds you associate with being by the sea. This is ideal for relaxation, therapy, education, and professional sound effects.

    You can use the Ocean Drum for musical purposes too. This highly versatile instrument is also a professional quality, double-sided frame drum that can be played with hands, mallets, or used as a shaker.

    Acousticon shell

    The Remo Ocean Drum utilises a high-grade Acousticon shell. Made from 100% recycled wood fibre, the shell is laminated under pressure into a solitary tubular structure. Instilled with special resins to minimise moisture, the shell is then given a special Acousticon coating for the optimal acoustic tone.


    • Recreate oceanic sounds for relaxation and effects
    • Can also be used as a double-sided frame drum
    • Play using your hands or with a mallet
    • Can be used as a shaker for musical purposes
    • Versatile, and perfect for a wide range of situations


    • Size: 12” x 2.5”
    • Shell: Acousticon

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